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Geology Tour

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Yellowstone Geology

Yellowstone’s breathtaking landscapes are a result of various geological processes spanning over 150 million years. The Earth’s crust has been compressed and pulled apart, glaciated, eroded and superheated by a shallow source of magma, resulting in frequent volcanic activity. The mountains, canyons and plateaus in Yellowstone tell the stories of these dramatic event, some of which are still happening before our eyes!

  • We’ll first visit Mammoth Hot Springs and see the coral-like travertine terraces from the boardwalks while getting an understanding of why these formations are so unique.
  • You’ll then travel towards the interior of the park, visiting the Norris Geyser Basin and the World-famous Steamboat Geyser, the biggest active geyser in the world. Escaping the crowds and traffic, we will walk one mile down a quiet trail through the forest and into the geyser basin to get a real feel for what the explorers of the park experienced.
  • After our picnic lunch, we will head to the colorful, breathtaking vistas of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River and see the legendary Lower Falls of the Yellowstone.
  • Time permitting, we’ll drive into Lamar Valley for some epic western landscapes carved by glaciers.

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