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Winter Tracking

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Hour Glass Duration: 8 hours

Users Ages: Recommended for ages 8+

Info Further information: Customizable

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Track Cougars and Wolves in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Wild is offering the unique opportunity to actually track wild cougars and wolves in the winter wonderland of Yellowstone National Park. This type of opportunity has never been offered before, and we are proud to provide a five-day intensive carnivore tracking program in the heart of Yellowstone’s famed Northern Range with expert tracker and cougar/wolf biologist Emil McCain, M.S.

Snow tracking, using traditional techniques, gives us the ability to see into the world of these mystical creatures, literally walking in their footsteps over uncharted paths. Join us on a snow tracking adventure as we step into the rugged territory of Yellowstone’s top carnivores. We traverse difficult terrain in search of tracks and other signs as we read their dramatic life stories written in the snow.

On these adventures, we discover where these animals have recently been and see the events that shape their lives here in the Yellowstone wilderness. We learn about how they travel across the vast expanses and how they communicate with each other over long distances. We investigate their predation habits and retrace the sequence of events that unfolded during the hunt as we examine the factors that led to the prey animal’s demise.

Tracking Expedition Highlights

  • Winter predator tracking with a professional guide
  • Fully customized tour
  • Away from the crowds
  • Experience the magic of Yellowstone

Looking for a completely customized Yellowstone trip? We can plan a trip that is just what you’re looking for. Reach out to us!

Yellowstone delivers again!

We spent 4 days with Emil on a Winter experience trip. We learnt tracking and animal signs, followng bird activity and fresh snow animal prints. We found signs of kill and caching. This was a 4 day trip, wholly immersed in nature, reading our landcape and animal presence. Snowshoeing or bison trail hiking allowed us to penetrate areas you cannot see from the road. Each day delivered wonderful wildlife viewing. An exceptional tracking experience with respectful, experienced and humble guides!

– RamblingEnglishwoman TripAdvisor
Yellowstone Wild Guide Emil McCain

Yellowstone Wild with guide Emil McCain February 18-20th 2019. We opted to not join a group and booked Emil as our guide to lead us into the backcountry focusing on wolf and mountain lion sightings. Emil met us the first morning at our hotel in Gardner with coffee and treats and news that a Lion had made a kill, three days prior, which we would observe. We arrived before first light to amazing vista of Montana, but the cat had moved on leaving the carrion for the scavengers. The remainder of the day was spent hiking into the wilderness at a pace Emil set that two 60-year-old plus men could maintain. His knowledge of tacks, animal habitat and sharp eye for hidden detail made the day a marvel. The remaining two days flew past with the same care and detailed discussion in the morning and modifications to the day as new opportunities unfolded. We were overwhelmed by the chance sighting of a pack of wolves killing a Bison made more familiar as Emil described each member of the packs roll and the intricate social order being displayed. Whether you are looking for a group experience or individual care you will enjoy a professional, warm encounter with Yellowstone Wild guide Emil McCain.

– Capt71320- TripAdvisor
Wildlife tour for 3 guests

After attending a winter group tour in February for several years, this trip was put together by friends wishing to share adventures together. What a great time we had in this different format. Emil & Evan made sure we experienced Yellowstone as we never had before. They both posess a wealth of knowledge that compliment each other. I struggled a bit one day to complete one of our excursions, and to say they showed an abundance of kindness in helping me would be an understatement. I feel sure any of the offered tour arrangements will bring the visitor to Yellowstone just as much pleasure as the three of us had. I wish there were more than 5 stars available to rate Emil & Evan.

– LauraMcHaneyNix
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