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Blog & Trip Reports

Archive: May 2023

Something about Sandhill Cranes

Something about sandhill cranes catches our attention in northern Yellowstone. The cranes fly up to 200 miles per day when migrating north to their spring nesting grounds here, announcing their arrival in an insistent and raspy chorus. Their unmistakable calls — made possible by long windpipes that curl into their sternums, adding richness — can…

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May 27, 2023

May, Mother Grizzly Bears, and Family Breakup

May is a fabulous time to view grizzly bears in Yellowstone!  In this video a mother grizzly and her two 2.5-year-old cubs play and wrestle in a small snow patch on Yellowstone’s famed Northern Range. This level of somewhat violent play may be the beginnings of mom pushing the young ones out on their own….

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May 22, 2023

On Buttercups and Baby Bison

Each spring in Yellowstone snowmelt cascades from the highlands and newly exposed earth soaks in the lengthening daylight. It’s this time of year a quiet magic unfolds across our mountainous, high-desert landscape. Dogged tufts of green grass push through dormant yellow undergrowth. This greenery entices ungulates higher and higher onto hills, valleys, and plateaus, following…

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May 15, 2023