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Multi-Day Winter Wolf Watching Tour

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 6 days

Users Ages: Ages 12+

Info Further information: All-inclusive

Single Occupancy
Double Occupancy

Yellowstone Winter Wolves and Wildlife Tour

Spend full days immersed in Yellowstone’s wildlife-rich Lamar Valley and Northern Range, highly revered as the very best place on Earth to see wild wolves. Lodging and dinners will be in the comfort of our new boutique eco-lodge and evenings will be filled with presentations from local wildlife biologists and filmmakers. This tour is a visually stunning adventure through the pristine beauty of Yellowstone landscapes – towering peaks and sweeping valleys, blanketed by soft winter snow. Each day provides new possibilities to see multiple wolf packs, frosty bison, long-legged moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, elk, otters, foxes, coyotes, eagles, owls and more. Your tour will also be highly educational, as we highlight the monumental reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone, the complexities of wolf social behaviors, wolves’ specialized hunting strategies and their ecological impacts on the Yellowstone ecosystem. We will explore how these factors, and others, have captured the human imagination for centuries, and over time have characterized the wolf as the ultimate icon of Wilderness.

The deep snows of winter have pushed Yellowstone’s iconic wildlife down out of the mountains and onto the wintering grounds of the Lamar Valley and the Northern Range. Thousands of elk and bison, along with moose, big horn sheep, white-tailed and mule deer and pronghorn have filtered out of the higher mountains of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and have concentrated in the lower valleys and grasslands where there is less snow and less extreme temperatures. Winter can be tough on these grazing animals, and partially because of that, this is where Yellowstone’s wolves and other carnivores thrive. Come and explore the unparalleled beauty and wildlife watching opportunities of Yellowstone National Park with experienced local naturalist guides during the most beautiful and dramatic time of the year: winter. Winter is the season of the wolves, and wolves are our specialty.

This all-inclusive tour package is the ultimate way to experience the wild magic of Yellowstone National Park, while treating yourself to the luxuries of the brand-new Wonderland Cafe and Lodge. Wonderland is the area’s first and only boutique eco-lodge where you can find rustic elements with all of the modern amenities to make your vacation the best it can be. Breakfasts and lunches will be catered by the Wonderland Cafe and enjoyed picnic-style out in the park, overlooking one of our favorite vistas in Yellowstone. Dinners will be shared in the lodge with local artists, researchers and/or storytellers by the warmth of the Wonderland fireplace. Each evening, following dinner, we will be treated to a private presentation from a local Yellowstone wildlife expert. 

Important Information:

  • Experience the magic of Yellowstone’s abundant wildlife and iconic beauty
  • Local naturalist guide(s)
  • Small group – up to 10 guests
  • Away from the crowds and into the wild
  • Vast wide open spaces and clean mountain air
  • Optics for EVERYONE 
  • Breakfast and lunch – picnic style 
  • Dinners at Wonderland Dining Room
  • Evening presentations from local wildlife experts
  • Safe, fun and educational

Tour Schedule Summary

Day Location Accommodation General Comments
1 Bozeman, MT Bozeman, MT Arrive in Bozeman

 Check in to Hotel

2 Gardiner, MT Gardiner, MT Transportation to Yellowstone

Check in to lodge

Wildlife and Geology: Mammoth Hot Springs and Gardiner Basin 

3 Gardiner, MT Gardiner, MT Northern Range/Lamar Valley Wildlife

Evening Guest Speaker

4 Gardiner, MT Gardiner, MT Northern Range/Lamar Valley Wildlife

Evening Guest Speaker

5 Gardiner, MT Gardiner, MT Northern Range/Lamar Valley Wildlife

Evening Guest Speaker

6 Bozeman, MT Travel back to Bozeman, and say our farewells. Until next time!

Tour includes:

General logistics

  • One-night’s stay in Bozeman, MT
  • Four-night’s stay in historic Gardiner, MT in the new boutique eco-lodge at North Entrance of Yellowstone National Park
  • Round-trip transportation – Bozeman to Gardiner/Yellowstone 
  • Transportation in our fully-equipped touring vehicle(s) (we drive, you enjoy the scenery)
  • Half-day tour of Mammoth Hot Springs and Gardiner Basin
  • Three full-day (8 hours) guided wildlife tours in Yellowstone’s Northern Range (including the wildlife-rich Lamar Valley)
  • Local naturalist guide(s)
  • Dinners together at Wonderland Dining Room
  • Private evening presentations with local wildlife experts

Tour details

  • Optics for everyone: top-of-the-line binoculars and high-powered spotting scopes for each guest
  • Fresh-baked breakfast pastries
  • Hot drinks (coffee, tea, hot cocoa)
  • Healthy and hearty snacks (various bars and trail mix, etc.)
  • Healthy fruit juice, soft drinks, and water
  • Full picnic lunch (GF and vegetarian/vegan options available upon request)
  • Dynamic and engaging discussions interpret the wildlife activity and behaviors we observe
  • Informed and accurate information on the biology and conservation issues surrounding the wildlife you will observe on our tours
  • Plenty of space in our vehicle(s) for your extra clothing *we provide detailed recommendations on appropriate winter clothing

Further Information:

Absolutely mind blowing! The only way to experience Yellowstone

I can not recommend Yellowstone Wild more. I was absolutely blown away by every aspect of my day. My guides, Evan and Allen, were amazing and their knowledge of the animals, ecosystem, park history, current events affecting the park and ability to find wildlife is unparalleled. Any question that we had, they were easily able to answer it and were so friendly. But what we came for was the wildlife, and boy did it not disappoint! Evan was able to find two separate wolfpacks in addition to an incredible array of other animals - bighorn sheep, mountain goat, moose, coyote, bison, elk, mule and white-tail deer, bald and golden eagle, great horned owl (!), as well as an array of smaller birds that I otherwise wouldn't have paid any attention to. I left in absolute awe of this incredible park and Yellowstone Wild was an integral part of that. If you want to get the absolute most out of a day in the park, Yellowstone Wild is who you need to talk to.

– RestlessWanderlust
The best way to see wildlife in Yellowstone

If you are planning a trip to Yellowstone, my wife and I highly recommend that you book a wildlife tour. We have been to Yellowstone several times and driven around seeing the wildlife from the road and stopping when we see a crowd around a group of spotting scopes - that'll work, but if you REALLY want to see some wildlife, you can't do any better than to book a day with Emil. It's well worth the cost of the tour and you won't believe the animals you'll see and the education you receive. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those folks who want to maximize their wildlife viewing!

– RidingFool
Best Yellowstone Experience

Yellowstone Wild is a fantastic company and deserves an incredible amount of credit. For such a small-run operation, they are extremely efficient and effective at providing for the client. Whether it's quick response times, prompt pick-ups, top-of-the-line optical equipment, to incredible guides. We had the pleasure of being with Emil for 2 days this past January, and what a packed 2-days it was. Unlike some of the other tours, they are a little more lenient on the time the day ends depending on sightings, which is very nice. Emil is an incredibly knowledgable person, who has some great past experiences across the globe, which made for entertaining conversations. He is also great at tracking the wildlife, specifically wolves and mountain lions. Fortunately for us, Emil was able to spot a wolf pack for us and put us in a great position to get some nice photos in the morning light. Not only did we see wolves and many other animals, but we also were fortunate to see a mountain lion (unfortunately it was injured). Emil is very catering to the clients' needs/desires, and this showed for us as I am very passionate about photography, so he helped me get the right "shot." Overall, we absolutely loved our time with Emil and Yellowstone Wild and can't wait to get back.

– SatyaP857
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