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Multi-Day Photography Workshop

Yellowstone Photography Workshop with Local Professional Photographer

3-day Workshop – 4-6 participants – $1350 / person (30% deposit at time of booking – remaining balance due 30 days prior to workshop)

5-day Workshop 4-6 participants $2250 / person (30% deposit at time of booking – remaining balance due 30 days prior to workshop)

Spend full days immersed in photographing Yellowstone’s wildlife-rich Lamar Valley area, revered as the gem of North American wildlife photography, or exploring the steaming, otherworldly landscapes of Yellowstone’s thermal basins. Yellowstone boasts the largest intact ecosystem in the northern temperate zone, and scientists believe the park is now as rich, diverse, and healthy as it has ever been. All of the region’s native species are thriving and are protected, allowing them to behave naturally.

What does that mean for us photographers? It means that all the charismatic species that have roamed this landscape for thousands of years are doing so today – and we’re here to help you photograph them in a truly wild setting. Capturing images of bison in the morning light with thermals in the background or a mother grizzly bear with cubs in a sea of silver-green sage is on any photographer’s dream list and would be a signature Yellowstone image to add to any portfolio. Our workshops can make this dream become a reality.

There is something totally magical happening every day somewhere in Yellowstone; it’s just a matter of finding it. Due to the incredibly dynamic changes in nature – weather, seasonality, wildlife behavior patterns and distributions, and geological events – we like to keep our schedule very flexible. Every day in Yellowstone is different and unpredictable, and therefore, we leave room for adapting to situations as they arise to fully maximize each opportunity as it presents itself. Whether it’s a grizzly bear crossing the road, a lightning storm over Electric Peak, or the array of autumn colors of aspen, cottonwood, and willows along the Lamar River, we aim to take full advantage of every bit of magic that Yellowstone presents to us.

We will also provide a local naturalist guide/driver who will help spot wildlife, work as a photographer’s assistant, drop us off at wildlife sightings, and provide general support. This unique approach allows more one-on-one time with your instructor, while the naturalist guide works to read animal behavior and predict wildlife movements to ultimately help you tell a story through your images and learn how to put yourself in the right place at the right time to capture powerful images.

The ultimate goal for the workshop is to become a better wildlife photographer through understanding not only your gear, but the habits and patterns of our subjects. A broader and deeper appreciation for the animals and landscapes we hope to photograph comes through the artist’s lens when we take the time to immerse ourselves in the ecosystems of our subjects. We will cover what makes Yellowstone’s flora and fauna so unique, and how to capture award-winning images of the wildlife and landscapes of the world’s first National Park.

These workshops are part professional photography, part naturalist’s course, and full immersions into Yellowstone. You’ll work with your instructor and naturalist to understand your subjects more intimately as you learn their connections to the ecosystem, as well as your own. You’ll take home new skills as a photographer, a deeper connection to the landscape, images you’ll be proud of, and stories you’ll want to share.

All skill levels are welcome! By keeping the groups small, your instructor can be there to shoot with you and help you improve your eye and techniques. We are happy to work with everyone, from beginners to pros.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Photograph the magic of Yellowstone’s abundant wildlife and iconic beauty
  • One-on-one instruction while shooting with a local professional photographer
  • Additional local naturalist guide/driver/photographer’s assistant
  • Small group – no more than 6 guests
  • All skill levels welcome
  • Learn animal behavior to tell a story through your images and better position yourself to capture stunning wildlife shots
  • Vast wide-open landscapes and abundant wildlife
  • Breakfast and lunch – picnic style – catered by the region’s best boutique eco-lodge, the Wonderland Café and Lodge
  • Opening presentation from local wildlife expert (Wonderland Café Dining Room)
  • Closing critique of your top five images from the workshop (Wonderland Café Dining Room)


What is included and what you need to bring