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Winter Wildlife Watching

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Hour Glass Duration: 6 – 8 hours

Users Ages: All ages

Info Further information: Fully customizable

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Hike Through Yellowstone’s Fields During the Winter!

Our Yellowstone wolf tours and wildlife tours are phenomenal! Yellowstone National Park has some of the best wildlife watching and photography in the world, especially for wolves. Hiring a professional wildlife biologist/guide is the best way to experience Yellowstone and fully appreciate America’s first national park.

Specializing in wolf watching and Yellowstone bear tours, we build each wildlife watching trip around your specific interests and desires. Your biologist guide knows exactly where to go to give you the best viewing and photographic opportunities of the wildlife you seek. Whether you want to spot foraging grizzly bears, witness the social and behavioral dynamics of Yellowstone’s wolf packs, or go on a scavenger hunt to ID the numerous wild animal species in the park, we make your Yellowstone adventure unforgettable.

Something absolutely amazing is happening in Yellowstone every day, and we welcome you to explore the park’s treasures with us.

Important Information:

  • Wildlife watching with a professional guide
  • Fully customized tour
  • Away from the crowds
  • Experience the magic of Yellowstone

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Looking for a completely customized Yellowstone trip? We can plan a trip that is just what you’re looking for. Reach out to us!