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Family Adventure Tour

Offered in Summer and Winter

Quick Details

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Fun and Educational Yellowstone National Park Tours for Families

Family Adventure Tour Highlights:

  • Hands-on experiential learning
  • Experience the magic of Yellowstone’s natural wonders
  • Private tour- just your family
  • Your own local guide
  • Child-friendly and child-focused
  • Breakfast, snacks, and lunch – picnic style
  • Binoculars and spotting scopes provided for seeing wildlife
  • Safe, fun and educational
  • Work on your Junior Ranger badge with us!

Yellowstone is for family trips. Children have a natural fascination with nature, and we passionately explore the wonders of Yellowstone with them to create memories and learning experiences to last a lifetime.

We love guiding families through the wilds of Yellowstone. Our Family Adventure tours are fun and educational for children and adults alike, showcasing the magic of nature in Yellowstone National Park!

We start our morning by heading out in search of wildlife in and around the Lamar Valley, looking for bison, pronghorn, birds of prey, and more*. Binoculars and spotting scopes give us a closer look at these animals, and when searching for wildlife we never know what we might find. Later in the morning we have a chance to venture out into the wilds on a nature walk. While exploring, we might find animal tracks and scat (poop!), or even bones and antlers left behind by previous inhabitants! Work on your Junior Ranger badge with us and learn some of the stories and facts about Yellowstone!

*If your family’s top priority is observing Yellowstone’s bears and wolves, we suggest the Bear and Wolf Watching Tour, which is suitable for ages 5 and up and has an earlier start time (5AM) to better see these animals.

We can accommodate up to 10 people per vehicle/guide. This is perfectly suited for large groups and family reunions, as well as for small families.

How does the Family Adventure differ from our Bear and Wolf Watching Tour?

  • Later start ensures kids (and parents!) are well rested
  • Plenty of time to engage in exploratory learning in nature
  • Less time searching through spotting scopes for far away animals, which can be difficult for younger kids
  • NOT focused on wolves and bears, though we will take advantage of sightings that we might happen upon
  • Children ages 2-5 allowed and encouraged on this tour. Bear and Wolf Tour is for ages 5 and ups

For more information please visit our FAQ page!

Simply Wonderful!

My family just returned from a guided wildlife watching tour with Emil from Yellowstone Wild. He was just beyond wonderful with our 2 small children and incredibly accommodating. He helped cultivate family memories that I will treasure forever. The beauty of Yellowstone was magnified by his intimate connection with this national park. We will definitely be back with Emil in the future and I highly recommend his expertise. Thank you Emil!!!!!!

Our tour with Yellowstone Wild was the highlight of our trip!

Our tour with Yellowstone Wild was the highlight of our trip! Our guide, Laura, was warm, personable and organized--and most of all, incredibly knowledgeable! She had wonderfully detailed stories about the area’s ecosystem, the wildlife, and the history of the park. Our family learned so much! We had sightings of bears, wolves, elk, mountain goats and even Rick McIntyre. :) I would absolutely hire Yellowstone Wild again!

– Elizabeth McGuire
Once-in-a-lifetime experience!

We went on the personal family tour, and it was hands down the best part of our trip. Our guide Matt was extremely passionate and knowledgeable. With his insight, we were able to see so many of the beautiful animals in Yellowstone (bison, elk, and even a large pack of wolves!) We have three young children (the youngest is 3 years old), and he was able to keep our entire family engaged the whole day with beautiful hikes that are less well known but no less beautiful, exploration of the flora, and little-known facts about the park and its history. Let's just say that by the end of the trip my husband was asking if we could move to Montana :) thank you Matt and the entire Yellowstone Wild team for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

– Becky Epstein, Google Reviews
Experience of a lifetime!

We had the most amazing experience viewing the Yellowstone wildlife with Ty as our guide! She picked us up from our hotel right on time and immediately started getting to know us - even at 5 am. She was personable and enthusiastic, and we felt that she immediately set out to make sure we had the experience that we wanted. She was an educator above all else and made the learning and viewing experience fun for our 11 and 8 year old girls - and us, too. We really felt her become part of our family for the day, but a member that was far more useful than the rest of us :) Her knowledge of the area, equipment, and constant communication with the other guides ensured that we saw wolves and their pups, grizzly bears, a black bear, and bison migrating to the rut. Truly amazing experience and the highlight of our 2-week national park road trip!

– Kellymth, TripAdvisor
Thanks Yellowstone Wild for being everyone's favorite part of our trip!

Not sure how to adequately sing the praises of this company and our guide, “Mr. Matt.” We booked this tour hoping to spot a few animals. We made a bucket list of additional animals once we got to the park. By the day of the tour, my kids had all but requested unicorns and dinosaurs (read: foxes, wolves, moose, and anything super challenging to find). We met up with Matt bright and early, who was waiting with a very warm personality and even warmer coffee/hit cocoa! The day only improved from that point. The intimate setting with just our group allowed for 8 hours of engaging conversation/discussion/questions and a debate with my kids over the best dorito flavors. The snacks and drinks and picnic lunch were absolutely perfect and planned to the last detail - those with young ones, they even know the golden rule to pack at least as many flavors of juice boxes as there are kids in the group! No one gets left behind drinking grape juice while a sibling gets fruit punch! It was a banner day for animals: bears (mating, at that!), bison, wolves, foxes and their babies, coyote, mountain goats, deer, elk, and even a little walk for the kids to find some bison bones! If you’re considering booking a tour, just do it. It’s worth every penny and every extra hour earlier you have to wake up to make that early morning call time. Thanks, Matt! And thanks Yellowstone Wild for being everyone’s favorite part of our trip!

– Erin Washom, Google Reviews
The bar has been set!!!

My family had an incredible time exploring the park with Isaac, the best guide guy EVER. I’m reviewing with the perspective of a parent with two kids under 8, so if you are in a similar parenting boat and on the fence about booking a tour, keep reading. Here’s how Isaac made the day awesome for our family - - arrived with coffee for the adults and patience for the kiddos (we met up at 6:15 so this was important!) - greeted the kids eagerly and set down some ground rules that set expectations and a sense of playfulness that continued throughout the day - answered every. single. question. that the kids came up with and then some! - strategic potty and snack breaks - patiently found the animals via binoculars and helped all of us find and see them for ourselves - explained the phenomenon of habituation to the kids and why we should have a healthy respect of animals and keep them wild. An important lesson for all of us! By the end of the day, we saw two grizzlies, a family of coyotes, two wolves, big horn sheep, herds of pronghorns, and of course, bison. We ended up making memories, relaxing, and enjoying exploring the park. 100% recommend the experience. Child 1: “It was AWESOME. I saw my favorite kind of wolf.” Child 2 (after meltdown but before nap): “Best guide guy ever!!!!” I’m afraid we’ve set the bar too high for every family vacation after this. There’s no way we can replicate or improve on today’s experience for the kids.

– Caitlin A., TripAdvisor
We learned SO much!

Our family completed a day with Laura a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to pass along our extreme gratitude and praise. First off, Laura was just a ray of sunshine and our family immediately connected with her. Our kids felt extremely comfortable with her and asked her lots of questions that she had all the answers too! We learned SO much. She took our hopes and dreams for the day and turned them into reality. The wildlife, landscape and beauty we saw that day will be a part of our treasured memories forever. At the end of the day, we all were saying the same thing - "Today was the best. If/when we return, we would want to spend another day with Laura." We really did feel like Laura was a part of the family and we were just spending the day with her sight seeing and learning. I really can't express enough how much we loved our day with her. We have already shared with friends and family all about our day with Yellowstone Wild. Everyone can't believe what an amazing day we had and our stories!!We are extremely happy we had a day with you Laura!! Thank you!

– Scott M., TripAdvisor