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Family Adventure Tour

Offered in Summer and Winter

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Fun and Educational Yellowstone National Park Tours for Families

Family Adventure Tour Highlights:

  • Hands-on experiential learning
  • Experience the magic of Yellowstone’s natural wonders
  • Private tour- just your family
  • Your own local guide
  • Child-friendly and child-focused
  • Away from the crowds and into the wild
  • Breakfast, snacks, and lunch – picnic style
  • Binoculars and spotting scopes provided for seeing wildlife
  • Safe, fun and educational
  • Work on your Junior Ranger badge with us!

Yellowstone is for family trips. Children have a natural fascination with nature, and we passionately explore the wonders of Yellowstone with them to create memories and learning experiences to last a lifetime.

We love guiding families through the wilds of Yellowstone. Our Family Adventure tours are fun and educational for children and adults alike, showcasing the magic of nature in Yellowstone National Park!

We start our morning by heading out in search of wildlife in and around the Lamar Valley, looking for bison, pronghorn, birds of prey, and more*. Binoculars and spotting scopes give us a closer look at these animals, and when searching for wildlife we never know what we might find. Later in the morning we have a chance to venture out into the wilds on a nature walk. While exploring, we might find animal tracks and scat (poop!), or even bones and antlers left behind by previous inhabitants! Work on your Junior Ranger badge with us and learn some of the stories and facts about Yellowstone!

*If your family’s top priority is observing Yellowstone’s bears and wolves, we suggest the Bear and Wolf Watching Tour, which is suitable for ages 5 and up and has an earlier start time (5AM) to better see these animals.

We can accommodate up to 10 people per vehicle/guide. This is perfectly suited for large groups and family reunions, as well as for small families.

How does the Family Adventure differ from our Bear and Wolf Watching Tour?

  • Later start ensures kids (and parents!) are well rested
  • Plenty of time to engage in exploratory learning in nature
  • Less time searching through spotting scopes for far away animals, which can be difficult for younger kids
  • NOT focused on wolves and bears, though we will take advantage of sightings that we might happen upon
  • Children ages 2-5 allowed and encouraged on this tour. Bear and Wolf Tour is for ages 5 and ups

For more information please visit our FAQ page!

Simply Wonderful!

My family just returned from a guided wildlife watching tour with Emil from Yellowstone Wild. He was just beyond wonderful with our 2 small children and incredibly accommodating. He helped cultivate family memories that I will treasure forever. The beauty of Yellowstone was magnified by his intimate connection with this national park. We will definitely be back with Emil in the future and I highly recommend his expertise. Thank you Emil!!!!!!

Great Wildlife Tour!

We had an amazing trip with Yellowstone Wild and would encourage others to use this company. Our guide was kind, thoughtful and full of local knowledge. The rest of our trip benefitted because of all that we learned on this tour. Our kids (11 and 12 years old) really enjoyed it too!

– 502gillianm, TripAdvisor

Our day with Yellowstone Wild was by far the highlight of the trip. From our initial conversations wtih the office to plan our trip to our day spent with Kyle and Frank, the whole experience was top notch. These trips aren't cheap, especially for a single family but seeing the look of awe on our kids and how engaged our kids were learning about the animals and seeing all the animals was truly priceless. We are already planning for a trip back to YNP and we look forward to booking another trip with Yellowstone Wild again.

– novasupra, TripAdvisor
Experience of a lifetime!

We had the most amazing experience viewing the Yellowstone wildlife with Ty as our guide! She picked us up from our hotel right on time and immediately started getting to know us - even at 5 am. She was personable and enthusiastic, and we felt that she immediately set out to make sure we had the experience that we wanted. She was an educator above all else and made the learning and viewing experience fun for our 11 and 8 year old girls - and us, too. We really felt her become part of our family for the day, but a member that was far more useful than the rest of us :) Her knowledge of the area, equipment, and constant communication with the other guides ensured that we saw wolves and their pups, grizzly bears, a black bear, and bison migrating to the rut. Truly amazing experience and the highlight of our 2-week national park road trip!

– Kellymth, TripAdvisor
You won't find any better

We are a family with kids (12&9) from Germany and had a private tour with EMIL. Emil has profound knowledge about the wildlife in the park and was an amazing guide during the day. We booked this tour because of the way he described the family tours on his website ("We love guiding families in Yellowstone. Children have a natural fascination with the natural world, and we passionately explore the wonders of Yellowstone with them"). And we were not disappointed: every word is true. Emil is so passionate about explaining and exploring with the kids and had an excellent feel for their needs. He was able to keep them interested during the whole long day even if both of them speak only very little English. My daughter (9yrs old) has not lived a single day since without taking about Emil and that day with him. She was such impressed that she even named a small stuffed animal toy wolf after him when she bought it shortly after our tour. It was simply unforgettable. We saw a Grizzly, wolves, bald eagles, Hawks, pronghorns, mountain goats and a lot more. High level spotting Scopes and binoculars made it easy to watch the wildlife from safe distances. Later in the day when animals were harder to find Emil explained a lot about biology and the interrelation of animals and plants etc. and geology of the park and kept us all interested. He truly is a good teacher for both kids and adults. Although we did not see coyotes or black bears Emil gave us useful recommendations where these animals usually are and thanks to that we we're lucky enough to see both animals later during our trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Teton NP. Should we ever come back to Yellowstone (I am almost sure as we haven't seen many places in the world that offer similar beauty) Emil and his team are the #1 choice for another day in Yellowstone. If you have the chance to book a tour with him go for it!!!

– TripAdvisor
Fascinating day in the wilds of Yellowstone

We had 7 family members traveling together and enjoy a day tour in early June. The oldest is 68 and the youngest is 7. Our tour guide was engaging and created a great atmosphere for questions and answers. We especially enjoyed how he interacted with our 10 year who did her homework and proceeded to bombard him with questions. He acknowledged her input and graciously compared what she knew with how life was in Yellowstone. He even kept the interest of our teenager. We did start very early to beat the crowds and then finished mid afternoon. Also don't forget to ask for the huckleberry scones and enjoy the picnic lunch. I actually wish I had booked 2 days instead of just one.

– TripAdvisor
Amazing Tour!

Today we went on our tour with Ryan from Yellowstone Wild and had an amazing day! It all started at 5am this morning, yes that early, but I promise you it was worth it! Before 8am in the morning we had seen a pack of wolves stalking a bison and a grizzly bear just chilling. The excitement continued throughout the day with deer, elk, pronghorns, mountain goats & sheep, moose & a calf, Blue Heron and a Black Bear with Cubs! You can’t beat these guys and their knowledge, the kids loved learning about the animals and their habitat and felt comfortable to ask questions. To be able to see these creatures through the tours scope makes all the difference, especially for kids, much better than binoculars. Nothing was too much trouble! Lunch was also lovely and the scones were delicious. The booking process was easy and we were kept up to date all the way until pick up.

– Kate L., TripAdvisor