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Bear and Wolf Watching Tour

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  • Private and fully customizable tour – just your group!
  • Experience Yellowstone’s iconic wildlife in a wild, natural environment
  • Your own local wildlife guide
  • Activity level based on your  interests and abilities
  • Breakfast and lunch – picnic style 
  • High quality optics for all
  • Safe, fun and educational
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Wolf & Wildlife Watching in Yellowstone with a Private Guide

Yellowstone is the BEST place on the planet to see wild wolves, and wolves are our specialty! Our wolf, bear, and wildlife watching tours are phenomenal! Yellowstone National Park is world-famous for its abundance of iconic wildlife and historic conservation efforts to restore wolves, grizzly bears, and bison. Our highly experienced naturalist guides and top-of-the-line equipment produce the highest quality wildlife tours and custom excursions. Deep personal knowledge of Yellowstone’s wild occupants and other treasures fuel our teachings, which appeal to all ages. We specialize in crafting personalized educational experiences with Yellowstone’s iconic wildlife, natural history and ecology around your interests and expectations. Our tours consistently prove to be meaningful and memorable to our guests.

Our guides track the movements and behavior of Yellowstone wildlife almost daily and know the best places to find the animals you hope to see. Your guide will interpret the behaviors you observe and share stories about the individual bears and wolves that we have gotten to know over the years through our observations. Whether you want to spot foraging grizzly bears, witness the social and behavioral dynamics of Yellowstone’s wolf packs, or search to identify the numerous wild animal and bird species in the park, we make your Yellowstone adventure unforgettable.

Your guide will help you learn how animals live in this beautiful landscape and what their relationships are like with the other animals and plants around them. Exploring a stream bank, you might find bird nests, animal tracks, or even see where a beaver has been working. A short nature walk with your Naturalist Guide could lead to endless opportunities to uncover the stories of Yellowstone’s flora and fauna often hidden from view of the roadside. Wherever the day leads, your Yellowstone Wild guide is sure to make it one to remember!

For more information please visit our FAQ page!

For families with young kids:  For a later start and a more kid-friendly experience, consider our Family Adventure Tour.


...Tour was fascinating, educational, and just plain amazing!

Aleksa was the ultimate guide for our family of 8 during our full day Bear and Wolf Wildlife tour! She picked us up promptly and had hit/cold drinks and snacks ready for the drive into the wild of Yellowstone. She was knowledgeable and knew all the best places to see grizzlies, wolves, prong horns, elk, all kinds of birds, mountain goats, and the iconic Yellowstone buffalo! Lunch was delicious, Aleksa went above and beyond to make this trip special. Her tour was fascinating, educational and just plain amazing!

– Denise Mootafian, Google Reviews
What can you say when your 10-year-old declares an 8+ hour wildlife tour the best day of her life?

Our trip to Yellowstone was a special birthday celebration for her (Mommy/Kid getaway), and all she wanted to see was her beloved Yellowstone wolves. A huge shout-out to Yellowstone Wild owner/guide Emil who gave us such a spectacular tour that included not only endless wildlife experiences, but also fascinating anecdotes from his many years at the park, cultural/geological histories of Yellowstone, and detailed explanations of the ecology of everything that surrounded us. Our impressive list of finds included the much sought-after wolves/pups, elk, bison/calves, grizzly bear/cubs, black bear/cubs, coyote/pups, mule deer, mountain goats, big-horned sheep, pronghorn, golden eagle, bald eagle, osprey, peregrine falcon, sandhill crane, and many more. Some of the most fun moments were when he and my daughter would randomly observe something interesting - say, a mysteriously dug-out hole on the road side with paw prints around it - that would lead to spontaneous field lessons. It seemed that everywhere Emil looked, he found us some more incredible wildlife experiences. For those thinking about taking kids on this tour, Emil was constantly checking in on my daughter, asking and receiving thoughtful questions, stopping at restroom breaks (very important!), and providing lots of snacks, hot chocolate, and a delicious lunch spread. My daughter did not want the day to end (and neither did I!) I cannot recommend this experience enough

– Tracy McGillicuddy, Google Reviews
Thank you for a WONDERFUL tour experience!!!

Our family booked the Wolf and Bear watching tour with Leysa yesterday. We were a bit nervous when our 17 year old, Kaylie, BROKE HER LEG the day before at the grand prismatic but still pushed through because we wanted to do this so badly! Leysa over delivered and made the tour special for all three of us!!! Kaylie had to stay in the car the entire time and Leysa made the tour so special for her. :-) We saw Grizzly, Black Bear, Grouse haha, wolves, an extremely special experience with wolves, deer, a close encounter with a fox while we were looking at mountain goats. Leysa was on point keeping an eye out for us while we were looking at the goats to make sure the fox didn’t get us. Of course, alllll the bison! She was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and an excellent guide! We would love to go again when we are back. We saved and saved for this vacation and feel this was money well spent as we shopped many tours and selected this one. Thank you for a WONDERFUL and memorable experience. :-)

– Stacey Marie, Google Reviews
I can't recommend this company enough!

I booked a tour with Yellowstone Wild for a trip to Yellowstone with my Dad. I felt like booking a tour with professionals would be a good way to increase our chances We not disappointed! Our guide, Matt was THE BEST! Knowledgeable, funny, and genuinely kind - With him, we were able to see a grizzly bear with two cubs, three wolves, a coyote, elk, various birds, and A LOT of bison. My Dad is crazy about bison; that’s the main reason I chose to take him to Yellowstone. Matt knew just where to go and at what times for the best chances of spotting all these animals - definitely a perk to having a professional guide. He was also a fountain of knowledge about the park and surrounding area itself, and we valued having his insight during our introduction to Yellowstone. . Also, the equipment Yellowstone Wild provides (scopes and high quality binoculars) makes it a lot easier to get great views of predators. There was a lot of coffee (great for my Dad), snacks available throughout the day, and we had a hearty picnic lunch by the scenic Yellowstone River. Matt thoughtfully customized our day with my Dad in mind. I can’t recommend this company enough. For the rest of our trip, Dad would often refer to Matt and how much he enjoyed the day in the park with him. The tour was a highlight of our trip together and was worth every penny. Thanks to Matt and Yellowstone Wild for a wonderfully memorable time for my Dad and me!

– AKiene, TripAvisor
Highlight of our Yellowstone trip!

We loved everything about our experience with Yellowstone Wild. The company was great with communication and very responsive to emails and calls prior to the tour. It also accommodated all of our requests, including my son's multiple food allergies, meeting at Canyon Village, as well as my request to ride in our own vehicle and communicate via two-way radio. Our guide, Rob, was patient, kind, funny, and informative--just perfect for our homeschooling family with kids ages 10 and 6. Our trip was in mid-September during a dry spell of wolf sightings, but nevertheless we had an incredible time because Rob worked so hard to find us as many animals as possible. We would have never seen the black bear, pronghorn, or bighorn sheep without his trained eye and equipment. After a delicious picnic lunch next to an idyllic creek in the woods, he saw that my kids were interested in the animal tracks in the mud and took the time to investigate with them. After the tour ended, Rob even emailed us photos of the adorable black bear we saw through his spotting scope. His love for nature is palpable, and my ten year old said she wants to do exactly what Rob does when she grows up. We hope to be back for another tour in the spring!

– Laura C, TripAdvisor
Words are not enough...

This experience was a once in a lifetime dream come true! Our guide, Tyrene, exceeded our high expectations and kept the rapt interest of two educated adults, 16 and 13 year old boys and 11 and 8 year old girls - the whole age range! We saw wolves/pups, black bear, elk, pronghorn and bison - also some birds and other mammals. The kids loved the hike and elk skeleton and everything we did had a purpose and educational benefit. Our kids continued eating the wildflowers all week that Tyrene pointed out as edible and we even found some huckleberries later in the trip which she recommended and let us know how to spot and find them. Additionally, we came across another sculptor / naturalist / friend of Tyrene's while we were bison watching and she introduced us and we were able to help / learn how to sculpt birds with him to place on his bison clay mold. A 14-day vacation across the West and this was a highlight for everyone! 110% would recommend this tour to any family traveling to Yellowstone!

– Aijzm, TripAdvisor
Laura, our guide, was phenomenal

We did the bear and wolves of Yellowstone tour. Laura, our guide, was phenomenal. She is super smart and knows a lot about the ecology, geology, and wildlife in the park. We got to see the amazing wolves of Lamar Valley, the goats on Barronette Peak, bison, and pronghorns. Laura knew so much about the park, and it improved our experience tremendously because we got to be within this amazing National Park while having a human Google (Laura) inform us about things we would have never known unless we did the tour. I highly recommend this tour company and can’t wait to come back out for another excursion. Laura also knows a ton about plants and trees of Yellowstone, so if you’re into botany, this tour is for you. Other big pros about this company are that they provide you with breakfast and lunch, and they provide you with high end telescopes and binoculars for viewing the wildlife.

– Matthew Alcade, Google Reviews