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Bear and Wolf Watching Tour

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Hour Glass Duration: 8 hours

Users Ages: Recommended for ages 5+

Info Further information: Private & customizable

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Wildlife & Bear Watching in Yellowstone with a Private Guide

Yellowstone is the BEST place on the planet to see wild wolves, and wolves are our specialty! Our bear watching and wildlife watching tours are phenomenal!! Yellowstone National Park is world-famous for its abundance of iconic wildlife and historic conservation efforts to restore wolves, grizzly bears and bison. Our highly experienced naturalist guides and top-of-the-line equipment produce the highest quality grizzly tours and wilderness excursions.. Deep personal knowledge of Yellowstone’s wolves, bears, bison and other treasures fuel our teachings, which appeal to all ages. We specialize in crafting personalized educational experiences with Yellowstone’s iconic wildlife, natural history and ecology around your interests and expectations. Our tours consistently prove to be meaningful and memorable to our guests.

Our guides track the movements and behavior of Yellowstone wildlife almost daily and know the best places to find the animals you hope to see. Your guide will interpret the behaviors you observe and share stories about the individual bears and wolves that we have gotten to know over the years of observing them. Whether you want to spot foraging grizzly bears, witness the social and behavioral dynamics of Yellowstone’s wolf packs, or search to identify the numerous wild animal and bird species in the park, we make your Yellowstone adventure unforgettable.

You will walk through visual examples of how animals live in this beautiful landscape and what their relationships are like with the other animals and plants around them. Exploring a stream bank, you might find bird nests, animal tracks, or even see where a beaver has been working. A short nature walk may lead you to the secret places where different animals choose to live and raise their babies, and you stop to talk about why certain animals might live in one place over another.


  • Experience the magic of Yellowstone’s iconic wildlife
  • Your own local wildlife guide
  • Private and fully customizable tours 
  • Small, single-party groups
  • Away from the crowds and into the wild
  • Vast wide open spaces and clean mountain air
  • Breakfast and lunch – picnic style 
  • Optics for EVERYONE 
  • Safe, fun and educational

For more information please visit our FAQ page!

Looking for something more?
Make This a Combo Tour with a Day Hike!

One popular option is to combine early morning wildlife watching (when animals are most active) with a day hike beginning mid-late morning. Check out the Wildlife Watching & Day Hiking Combo Package for more information!

For more information please visit our FAQ page!

Looking for something more?
Make This a Combo Tour with a Day Hike or Fly Fishing!

One popular option is to combine early morning wildlife watching (when animals are most active) with a day hike, or fly fishing trip, beginning mid-late morning. Check out the Wildlife Watching & Day Hiking Combo Package  or Wildlife Watching & Fly Fishing Combo Package for more information on each!

Looking for a completely customized Yellowstone trip? We can plan a trip that is just what you’re looking for. Reach out to us!

Amazing day of wildlife viewing.

My husband and I spent the day with Evan and it was better than we could have imagined. Evan is a very talented guide and an enjoyable and knowledgeable person to spend the day with. He took us to parts of Yellowstone we never would have thought to venture to. We saw a ton of wildlife and met some interesting people along the way as well. We learned so much about the park and the wildlife, it truly was an amazing day. This was the highlight of our trip to Yellowstone. Show less Date of experience: September 2018 mhl202018 New York City, New York

– TripAdvisor
Wolves, grizzly bears, rutting elk and a great day with a nice guy.

Our expectations were surpassed. Emil is a great guy who knows his stuff about the Park and it’s features as well as the animals that live in it. He also knows how to make the days experience comfortable, exciting and memorable. Emil is that rare combination of interesting expert and genuinely nice guy. He asked us what we wanted to see and then he went about delivering it in a way that left us speechless. I’ll never forget the sight and sounds of the Wapiti Lake wolf pack forming up to chase a herd of elk across the Hayden Valley. We watched a young grizzly bear named Snow rip up and eat her lunch of tubers and we watched and listened to bugling elk at the end of their rut. What a great day. What a great guy. Show less Date of experience: October 2018 Angela B Washington DC, District of Columbia

– TripAdvisor
What a FANTASTIC and AMAZING experience!!

Evan is the consumate expert and host!!!! You should NOT try to see wildlife @ Yellowstone without a tour and IF you are lucky enough to land a tour w/ Evan, consider yourself among the lucky few! We savored every minute- we saw Bison, Grizzlies- yes plural-an entire wolfpack: the junction butte pack , and their pups, longhorn sheep,mountain goats and other animals as well. We had a spectacular time in a SPECTACULAR place (LAMARR VALLEY!) with a Spectacular person! Don’t MISS the opportunity!! We will be back and will be in touch to monitor the status of ‘Ol White Claw’ w/Evan. Memories for a lifetime!! Show less Date of experience: August 2018 burner2018 Seattle, Washington

– TripAdvisor
A day in Yellowstone Park with Emil is one of the BEST days ever spent in nature

Emil's knowledge on so many wildlife and Park related topics is topped by his sheer enthusiasm to share it with you. We had an amazing day - one of the best days I've ever had in nature without a backpack on and days deep in the woods. We experienced not just the beauty of Yellowstone's Lamar Valley but also the raw wild side of wolf pups scampering and playing in a meadow, bison in the heat of mating season, adult wolves gathering from a kill, a grizzly and her cubs crossing a river, a black bear and her cubs traversing through a forested area, goats sheltering from the heat in a cave. Lunch was awesome too - Would not visit the Park again without putting a day with Emil (Yellowstone Wild) on the schedule. Hope to be back in the WINTER!!!! Show less Date of experience: August 2018 Voodoo_Scot

– TripAdvisor
Unforgettable Yellowstone Wild Experience!

I was lucky to spend 2 days touring with Emil in September. Having visited Yellowstone twice before as a solo Scottish traveller, I wanted a different view than that from the driver seat. The 1st morning leaving the itinerary to Emil, I got to see 5 foraging Grizzlies & an interesting show of 7 Wolves from 2 packs interacting. I also got to see my 1st Pika! The 2nd morning was an unforgettable backcountry trek with the hope of viewing some more wolves. We were not disappointed, after only a few minutes we heard some howling then after a little effort & some patience, a fantastic pack of young wolves treated us to an exclusive show of their energy & playfulness. This is an experience that I'll never forget. Emil is friendly & knowledgeable, full of interesting facts & enthusiasm. The food, transport & equipment were also excellent. I look forward to booking with Yellowstone Wild again in the future. Show less Date of experience: September 2018 Christy S Edwardsville, Illinois

– TripAdvisor
Amazing Wolf Tour

Ashea and Alan were our guides for our wolf tour. They picked us up at 6:30 in the morning and we spent the day exploring Yellowstone looking for wolves and we were not disappointed! The spotting scopes they provided gave us excellent views of the wolves, bald eagles and golden eagles. We saw a fox, big horn sheep, hundreds of elk and bison. It was an amazing day. Ashea has such a wealth of knowledge of Yellowstone. Alan was so helpful in answering questions as well. Would definitely recommend this company for a tour! Also, the breakfast scones, hot chocolate and sandwiches for lunch were great! Show less Date of experience: February 2019 JoannetheTraveler Portland, Oregon

– TripAdvisor
Best day at Yellowstone!

We spent almost 10 hours finding animals all over the park! Jort was a knowledgable and entertaining guide....he showed us animals that we would never have seen without his expertise! As a professional photographer, Jort also provided us with amazing pictures of the animals we viewed! I would recommend Jort and Yellowstone Wild to anyone who wants to view the animals of Yellowstone. Show less Date of experience: September 2018 Chambonandco Paris

– TripAdvisor

I relied on Yellowstone wildlife for two days while in Yellowstone with my wife and two teens, covering the lower part of grand loop on one day and the north part of the park including Lamar valley the second one. Despite I’ve contacted Emil, the owner of Yellowstone wildlife, several months upfront, he was already booked for one of the two dates. First conclusion : book Emil as soon as you can. Even if Emil himself was not available, he was able to offer us to be guided by Ashea who was really fantastic. Some highlights of these two days : - Both Emil and Ashea were fantastic guides. They love Yellowstone, they are passionate about their jobs and you can feel it - The knowledge of Ashea on Yellowstone geology is amazing. She succeeded in entertaining our whole family for the full day while sharing a lot of scientific information. A real pleasure. We had a blast with one of the « pool » thumping under our feet. VERY impressive (and cool) - Emil knows where to find each and very animal in the park. Despite we played « hide and seek » with the wolves, we spotted – in the distance – a moose, big hornd goats, many birds (eagles, ospreys…), some in their nests and, my favorite moment, a black bear mama and her cub meters away - Our experience spotting the black bears (mama and cub) was amazing. Emil drove to a place where the probability to spot some bears, at this time of the day, was good. He very quickly spotted the two of them close to the road and parked some meters away asking us to be patient as he was convinced that the bears would come our way. The great thing is that they did exactly as Emil was expecting, allowing us to observe them for several minutes before other cars arrived. This was an amazing experience. - One last point if you have a sweet-tooth : Emil brings a lot of yummy food for the day including marvelous scones coming from Gardiner’s Wanderland café. I recommend the huckleberry ones. They are to die for ϑ One last comment : do not hesitate to wake very early (we met in Gardiner at 5.30 am if I remember well). It is SO worth it. In short, you have to ask Emil to be your guide while in Yellowstone. It wil bring your Yellowstone experience to a next level Show less Date of experience: July 2018 John-Michael G

– TripAdvisor
Wow-Just WOW-Total Game Changer!

I really want to echo another reviewer, and if I could give Yellowstone Wild 10,000 stars, I absolutely would. From top to bottom, the experience of a lifetime. Evan was on-point, and we spotted over 19 different animals, and mega fauna. Grizzly bear, black bear with cubs, and a black wolf crossed our path, about 100 ft away. (This is extremely rare, and I wouldn't expect to see this, btw.) We were also put on a wolf den, and saw a Mtn. goat. You will NOT be disappointed booking with this outfit. Highly recommended!!! Show less Date of experience: April 2018 Luna1021 Chicago, Illinois, USA

– TripAdvisor
The Best Way to See & Appreciate Yellowstone!

We booked a private wildlife tour with Emil for my family of 3. Emil customized our agenda based on our interests, and boy, did his team deliver! Our guide for the day was Brad. He too is a wildlife biologist with a true passion for all of nature. Because of his expertise and keen eyes, we were able to see a Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Coyote Pups & Mom, Elk, Prong Horned Deer, Muskrat & Bison. He lavished us with his knowledge, and provided wonderful hot coffee & hot chocolate as it was quite chilly in the morning. Whenever Brad would set up the scopes, people would pull over and ask what he saw. He was always gracious to share his knowledge, and we shared the scopes with many onlookers. Brad knew every back road and knew how to keep us out of the crowds and traffic. We were able to visit the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the geysers at Norris Basin. This experience was well worth the money, and we all have amazing memories of our time with Brad in Yellowstone that will last the rest of our lives. In my opinion, if you don't like crowds or traffic, and want to see the "real" Yellowstone, leave it to the professionals at Yellowstone Wild! Show less Date of experience: July 2017 Jason K

– TripAdvisor
Best wildlife experiences of my life

I have gone out with Emil twice now and both times were highlights of my year if not my life. Emil is incredibly well informed, a passionate conservationist, and really committed to the greater Yellowstone community an ecosystem. The first time we went together we were fortunate enough to see a rare Great Gray Owl next and were able to watch is for over an hour. It was the most memorable wildlife experiences of my life. The second time we went together we hiked in to a remote valley and came upon a pack of six wolves. Emil's deep understanding of the wildlife in Yellowstone combined with his relationship with other guides means that you will likely have the best possible chance of seeing great wildlife with Emil. Emil does care deeply about creating a meaningful wildlife experience and I would recommend coming with an open mind instead of just trying to check things off of your list. With an open mind, a day with Emil will be amongst the most memorable in your life. Show less Date of experience: June 2017 Mariano Q

– TripAdvisor
Crossing the Lamar Valley with a skilled tracker

Emil has been an amazing guide, tracker and companion for our group. He taught us plenty about the wild life of Yellowstone - He masters the details of animals behaviors in an impressive way. His unique ability to read footprints, allowed the team to understand what was happening in the surroundings, spotting most animales (bears, elks, coyotes, bisons, etc.). Undeniably, Emil was key to make our experience memorable and hopefully we'll meet him again for another adventure. PS: Emil is travelled person and speaks perfect spanish. Show less Date of experience: October 2017 Z8912USamym University Park, Texas

– TripAdvisor
Experience of a lifetime

Our day with Emil was the highlight of a Yellowstone visit for 3 generations and two families with second graders. From the organized booking process, scrumptious breakfast, and comfortable van to the top notch gear for observing the animals, this excursion was a great value. While not everyone will get to see a wolf, newly hatched peregrine falcons AND numerous bears in one day, each of Emil's clients will enjoy his expertise and friendly and engaging manner. Simply riding around listening to him was a treat. He arranged a short age appropriate hike that concluded with a science lesson by a beautiful lake! Made our trip! Show less Date of experience: June 2018 William T

– TripAdvisor
Great day with Yellowstone Wild

We started the day in the early morning when the animals are most active. We went to a place known only to a select few where the grizzly bears dig roots to fatten up for the long winter ahead. We made two different stops in this area and saw 6 grizzlies, a bull moose and a herd of elk while sipping coffee and enjoying snacks. On the way to the next destination we stopped and watched a bull elk bulging while tearing up the brush with his antlers. I had asked for a good hike in addition to wildlife viewing and Emil delivered. We climbed a ridge to the top of a snow covered hill and saw pronghorn, bison, mule and white tail deer and elk along the way. Emil pointed out tracks in the snow from pine martin, red fox, skunk, and elk. We even tracked a cougar for awhile until the tracks went in to the deep woods. We returned to the truck, had a filling snack and headed towards home. On the way home we saw a cinnamon colored black bear and her cub, climbing a tree. Great day! Show less Date of experience: September 2017 melsNyc_Usa nyc- usa

– TripAdvisor
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