About Yellowstone Wild

Yellowstone Wild is a local guiding service offering custom wildlife tours in Yellowstone National Park. We specialize in crafting personalized educational experiences with Yellowstone’s iconic wildlife, natural history and geology. Our highly-experienced naturalist guides and top-of-the-line equipment produce the highest quality wildlife sightings and wilderness excursions. Deep personal knowledge of Yellowstone’s wolves, bears, bison and other treasures fuel our teachings, which appeal to all ages. Our tours consistently prove to be meaningful and memorable to our guests, and we remain the highest-ranked outdoor activity at the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner, Montana.

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Each Yellowstone Wild guide has more than 15 years of experience in wildlife research and guiding. We specialize in educational wildlife watching, day hikes, multi-day backpacking excursions, fly fishing, photography, geology, and winter tracking programs, and we offer specialized family-oriented tours to engage your young adventurers in discovering the wonders and beauty of Nature. Our tours are often focused on viewing and learning about Yellowstone’s dynamic wildlife, most notably wolves. Wolves are our passion, and they are what draw many of our guests to Yellowstone — partly because the Park Service successfully restored the grey wolf to Yellowstone in 1995-1996 in perhaps the greatest achievement of wildlife management in history, and partly because this is the best place in the world to see wild wolves. Our guiding service is especially well-suited for viewing Yellowstone wolves because our guides have years of experience following their movements and social dynamics on a daily basis. On our tours, it is common to witness a pack of wolves galloping across Yellowstone’s vast landscapes, hunting their wild prey, or traveling to and from their dens to feed their playful puppies. In the unforgettable beauty of a Yellowstone dawn, we often hear wolves howling across the breathtaking expanses of Yellowstone’s famed Northern Range.

We custom-build each expedition into the world’s first national park around your interests and expectations, and we fill your day with our intimate knowledge and personal experiences with the magical landscapes, wildlife, and geological wonders throughout Yellowstone. Each day in Yellowstone is different and special in its own way. This place is truly wild — it is Nature at its purest extremes, without restraint or control, and within that wildness lies Yellowstone’s unique beauty. Our tours are not scripted or filled with canned jokes and rehearsed speeches. Each tour is a unique full day of authentic adventure into North America’s most prized wilderness, carefully crafted specifically for you by your highly-experienced naturalist guide and shaped by Yellowstone’s very own unprecedented wild spirit and the special surprises that Yellowstone bestows upon us each day.

Meet Our Team

About Emil

Emil was raised on a remote ranch in the mountains of southern Colorado, where from a very early age he developed a deep interest in the wildlife and wild places around him. As a child growing up in a wilderness environment, he spent much of his youth exploring the natural world and taught himself to track and observe the wildlife in the mountains and forests near his home. Emil earned a Bachelor´s degree in biology with an emphasis in ecology from Colorado College. He studied carnivore ecology on campus and abroad, and in 1997 he began formal field research in Costa Rica with leading jaguar scientists. Shortly after college he studied mountain lions in Yellowstone National Park, and gained valuable first-hand experience with Yellowstone´s amazing wildlife. Emil then spent an instrumental winter snow-tracking wolves through the Northwoods of Michigan, before attending graduate school to earn a Master´s of Science degree in Wildlife Conservation and Management from Humboldt State University. His graduate studies included five years of field research on mountain lion feeding ecology. Emil has authored many scientific publications and educational articles and taught courses on traditional and modern animal tracking.

Emil´s work to study and conserve wild carnivores has taken him to many unique locations throughout North and Central America, Europe, Southern Africa and the Saharan Deserts of Morocco. Prior to returning to Yellowstone, he spent five years working for the European Union on the reintroduction and conservation of the Iberian lynx, the world´s most endangered wild cat, in the Sierra Morena Mountains of Spain and Portugal.

About Evan

Evan Stout was born and raised in rural Maine, in the perfect location to bounce between the picturesque rocky coast, and the deep forests of the North Maine Woods. Growing up, his family spent the majority of their summers at their “camp”, with the pristine wilderness of Maine right out the backdoor. Swimming, fly-fishing and hiking during the day, and the old Maine tradition of a moose-ride, driving the family truck down the long dirt roads through the muggy bogs, and mosquito dominated forests at sunset, always trying to be the first to spot one of the many inevitable moose sightings. It wouldn’t be until later in life that Evan realized seeing 10-20 moose on any given night was not something most children got to experience.

It was during those formative years that a deep passion and connection to wild and pristine places was forged. After graduating high-school, Evan attended the University of Maine at Presque Isle, studying recreation and resource conservation and park management, and also completing a semester with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) in the Yukon Territory. Before leaving Maine, Evan would go on to leading hiking trips, backpacks, and canoe trips across the forests and rivers of the state. He also taught a year of 8th grade Earth Science at a local middle school as a favor to a family friend. While a wonderful experience, and a natural fit for Evan, the West was calling.

About Allen

Allen grew up in the Heartland, spending the care-free days of his youth wandering the hills and fields of northeastern Ohio.  He always enjoyed being outdoors, and studied outdoor recreation with courses such as backpacking, survival and whitewater rafting at the Ohio University in Athens. Allen studied abroad in Rome, Italy, and after graduation moved to Dingle, Ireland where he learned how to pull the perfect pint of Guinness working in Dick Mack’s Pub off and on for two years.

Being inspired by the wonder that lies around every bend in the road (or trail), Allen loved to travel and was awed by nature’s canvas and symphony.  Within months of each other, Allen was introduced to the living practice of yoga and then began working as an adventure travel guide.  Allen learned how to take the yoga practice of clarity and presence off the yoga mat and into the world.  This allows him to connect with nature and to the people that he meets on a very deep and meaningful level.  When Allen began guiding for TrekAmerica, an international travel company offering camping tours with a focus on hiking and adventure activities, Allen could combine his passion for travel and the outdoors with heart-felt connection to and a humble service for the people and the world around him.  And now after more than a decade of guiding in all 50 states and two foreign countries, hundreds of thousands of miles logged on the road and an uncommon respect and integrity for the land and all that live upon it, Allen is happy to call the Greater Yellowstone Area his home, and hopes to continue being of great service in his time with Yellowstone Wild.

Allen is a self-proclaimed life artist and explorer.  He is forever in search of that which is real and true, and because he is always looking, he often sees the beauty that is continually available to us. He has backpacked thousands of miles all over the world – from the rugged mountains of Appalachia to the scorching desert of the southwest, the unforgiving wilderness of Alaska to the swamps and white sand beaches of Florida, from the vineyards and mountains of northern Spain to the picturesque hills and cottages of rural England. He values the space and peace available in nature and the support and humor of good friends.




About Ashea

Ashea has spent close to twenty-five years exploring and sharing the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, helping people connect to a wild landscape and to themselves. After obtaining a degree in English Writing Arts and Theater, she found herself in Yellowstone, working seasonally and falling in love with one of the most dynamic landscapes on earth. She has led all ages and interests through Yellowstone including children’s programming, driving a 1968 Bomabrdier snow coach out of Old Faithful, skiing and hiking deep into the backcountry, geyser gazing and road-based wildlife watching. She is a certified Leave No Trace Trainer and is a Wilderness First Responder. She lives in Gardiner, MT with her husband, an ecologist, and young daughter. Community service and advocacy play a fundamental role in their lifestyle, but immersing in Yellowstone, the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and all the surrounding public lands on skis and foot is where they find nourishment.

About Jay

Jay’s love for the outdoors and guiding started with a 2-week horseback trip that his mother took him on in the Grand Tetons when he was 15 years old. A move from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to the Rocky Mountains solidified his desire to show people the beauty in nature that he saw. That passion for the outdoors turned into a 15-year love affair with guiding all over the United States, including many of our country’s National Parks.

Jay has been guiding in the Yellowstone area since 2004 and has worked in the Interior of Yellowstone as an R-12 Bombardier snow coach driver for 5 winters. Jay’s passion for Yellowstone starts with the park’s exciting and dynamic geology, which he often reminds us is the most important factor driving the ecology and wildlife we see in the park today. Jay’s knowledge and excitement for Yellowstone’s wildlife and cultural history leave something to be learned by everyone around him.

Jay is also a professional photographer and a member of the National Association for Interpretation. In 2018 Jay was recognized as Highly Commended by the Wanderlust World Guide Awards in Britain.

About Josiah

Josiah is a Montanan transplant from Houston, Texas where his childhood was filled with stories of mountain men and grizzly bears. Following the stories of Jim Bridger, he found the start of his own Rocky Mountain adventure in Yellowstone 11 years ago. Since 2009, Josiah has worked in Yellowstone guiding ski, snowcoach, and snowmobile tours for the park’s main concessioner at the Old Faithful Snowlodge and whitewater rafting for the Flying Pig Adventure Company in Gardiner, Montana. Through these experiences and his own adventures, he has earned knowledge, perspective, and countless stories from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. His passions include history, Native American storytelling, survival, biogeography, and mountain sports (rafting, hunting, biking, skiing, fishing, and hiking).