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Our highly-experienced naturalist guides and top-of-the-line equipment produce the highest quality wildlife sightings and natural & cultural history excursions in Yellowstone for our guests



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Welcome to Yellowstone Wild

Discover Yellowstone’s iconic wolves, bears, bison, moose, and vast wilderness with your own friendly and knowledgeable naturalist guide. Yellowstone Wild specializes in custom wildlife tours and hiking adventures in Yellowstone National Park. Our highly experienced local guides know exactly where to take you for mesmerizing views of our wildlife, sharing meaningful and memorable insights and stories along the way, and are passionate about the protection of our animals and our environment. It doesn’t matter what season you visit us — we’re sure to find your favorite wildlife and scenery! Discover the magic and beauty of Yellowstone on our personalized guided adventures!

Our trips are often focused on viewing and learning about Yellowstone’s dynamic wildlife, most notably Yellowstone wolves. Wolves are our passion, and they are what draw many of our guests to Yellowstone, the best place in the world to see wild wolves. On our tours, it is common to witness wolves galloping across Yellowstone’s vast landscapes, hunting their wild prey, or traveling to and from their dens to feed their playful puppies. During the unforgettably beautiful Yellowstone dawn, we often hear wolves howling across the breathtaking expanses of Yellowstone’s famed Northern Range. Come explore America’s greatest park with us!

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The Perfect Yellowstone Experience

A tour with Yellowstone Wild is the perfect way to spend a day in Yellowstone. My wife and I have been on three separate tours with Yellowstone Wild, and each has been more spectacular than the last. The guides are friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable, and they will greatly enhance your experience in the park by sharing their expertise. These tours can also be tailored to your interests and your desired level of activity, so you can be sure that you will be completely satisfied by your time in the park. I give Yellowstone Wild my highest recommendation and strongly encourage anyone interested in exploring Yellowstone to book a tour with them. You will not be disappointed!

– Kyle S., TripAdvisor
The Highlight of our Trip!

We spent our first day in Yellowstone on a Wildlife tour with Kyle from Yellowstone Wild. We had a spectacular day spotting all kinds of wildlife! We saw several grizzly bears, moose, badgers and wolves! Kyle did an awesome job keeping our teen boys engaged and was a wealth of knowledge and information. If you are considering this tour for your family, do it! We never would have seen the animals on our own. Kyle gave us the perfect introduction to the park. We will definitely be back to explore in a different season!

– Holly D., TripAdvisor

We had a group of 9 family and friends including an 11 year old. Emil and his team were fantastic before our trip, recommending clothing, camera gear, etc. We saw so many animals, it's impossible to list them all! Food was delicious and included. We are already planning our fall trip to see bears and young animals. We highly recommend Emil and his team and will use him again and again.

– aaronfmd, TripAdvisor
Outstanding experience visiting Yellowstone in winter.

My son and I recently had the pleasure of joining a remarkable tour with Yellowstone Wild. I would highly recommend this team to anyone who wants more than just to go a look at Yellowstone. If you really want to experience this extraordinary location and immerse yourself in learning everything you can about it for 5 days, then there can be no better choice.

– drw7445, TripAdvisor
Travis was Incredible!

I can't recommend Yellowstone Wild or Travis highly enough. My husband and our 3 boys had a wonderful tour with Travis a couple of weeks ago. We were blown away by his knowledge and his clear love for all things related to the park. Beyond his knowledge and enthusiasm, Travis was just a pleasure to be around. He took great care of us, was so patient with us and worked very hard to make sure we were having the best experience. He thought of everything and made our trip! We wouldn't have seen or understood half of what we saw without him. It was worth every penny and if you are on the fence let me assure you, you will be so happy you hire Travis and Yellowstone Wild!

– CultureSeeker, TripAdvisor
Worth every penny!

Worth every penny. We booked a bear and wolf wildlife watching tour and it was the absolute highlight of our trip to Yellowstone. Travis was an expert guide at locating incredible animals in the park and was full of information about the park and wildlife history. We saw a total of 12 bears and 6 wolves. He even used his equipment to get pictures and videos for us. Would recommend anyone visiting Yellowstone do this tour for a unique wildlife experience.

– Kristin B., Google Reviews
Amazing Tours! Highly Recommended!

I just spent 4 days with this company and I had an incredible time. Living in a major city, this was an excellent escape for me. I was able to see geysers, all sorts of wild life, remarkable landscapes, hot springs, acid pits, and learned more than I ever expected. The top of the list of cool things I saw was Grand. Old Faithful was very cool, but it doesn’t compare to the show that Grand puts on. I likened it to natures fire works show, due to the incredible display that Grand put on. My tour guide was an unending plethora of Yellowstone facts and history. Everywhere I went I learned something new; it was really a great experience. I would highly recommend Yellowstone Wild Tours to anyone who is considering a Yellowstone trip, the entire staff was super warm and down to earth.

– Tony, Google Reveiws
Can't say enough good thinsgs...

We spent 2 days in Yellowstone National Park with this guide company and I can't say enough good things about how it enhanced our experience of the park. Laura was our guide and if you use Yellowstone Wild, ask for her! Laura's knowledge of the park, the history, wildlife, geologic and everything else was incredible. One of the advantages of YWT is that they have guides out all over the park looking for wildlife and the team radios each other with any sightings. We saw bison, elk, bear, mule dear and stopped at some of the most beautiful places I had ever seen in my life. You are standing there, part of the iconic scene of the mist coming off the river. Pro tip - you will never see all there is to see without a guide. Laura drove all those steep and winding roads like a champ and took us to everything that was on our list to see. We thought this was just going to be a wildlife excursion but we ended up seeing so many dramatic elements of the park that it was mind blowing! Book with Yellowstone Wild Tours and ask for Laura. She has good snacks too!!

– Maureen M., Google Reviews
Winter Wildlife Tour

Dec 2022 Absolutely amazing experience. We got a last minute tour with Emil after our other tour got canceled. We saw wolves, moose, bison, elk, fox and many others. We saw a black bear hibernating in her den. Emil is very knowledgeable having studied and worked with wildlife for many years, especially wolves and mountain lions. We learned about wolf packs and their hunting behavior. On one day of the tour we came across a fresh wolf kill. There was an elk carcass with a radio collar attached. Emil retrieved the collar and returned to the research scientists. There were plenty of bathroom, coffee and hot chocolate breaks and breakfast and lunch provided. We would highly recommend this tour for anyone that would like a wildlife tour of Yellowstone Park. Also, we stayed at the Wonderland Lodge and Cafe. The rooms and food were excellent and staff were very helpful and friendly.

– Mike S., TripAdvisor