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Archive: Jun 2024

A Different Kind of Quiet: Finding Solitude in Yellowstone’s Wilderness

Quiet. Solitude. Wilderness. As I tightened the last few straps on my backpack and hit the trail for three days deep in the backcountry of Yellowstone, I contemplated these three words and what they mean to me. It is becoming increasingly challenging to find quiet, solitude, or wilderness in our ever-modernizing world. But in places…

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June 28, 2024

Bearly Believable: The Wild World of Grizzly Bear Romance and Reproduction

Photo courtesy of Yellowstone Wild Owner/Operator Emil McCain The world of grizzly bear romance is wild – filled with roaring, territory marking, and a little bit of bear-ing it all.  The mating season of grizzly bears is a spectacle akin to a reality TV show, but with contestants armed with claws and a taste for…

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June 23, 2024

Let’s Take A Hike!

As Yellowstone’s summer season arrives, so does the influx of crowds, traffic, and human-generated noise. For many, this can impact the peaceful and restorative journey many visitors are hungry to experience. However, the notorious traffic snarls and congested boardwalks are a minuscule fraction of the park! The developed areas, which include parking lots, buildings, campgrounds,…

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June 13, 2024