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Spring into Summer: Animal Babies

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 6 days

Users Ages: Ages 12+

Info Further information: All-inclusive


Single Occupancy
Double Occupancy per person

Spring into Summer: Animal Babies


  • Experience the magic of Yellowstone’s abundant wildlife and iconic beauty
  • Local Certified Interpretive Naturalist Guide
  • Small group – up to 10 guests
  • Away from the crowds and into the wild
  • Vast wide open spaces and clean mountain air
  • Optics for everyone (spotting scopes/binoculars)
  • Breakfast and lunch – picnic style 
  • Hearty dinners at the Wonderland Cafe or other local eatery
  • Safe, fun and educational

Spring is the season of birth here in Yellowstone!  Baby season has arrived in force and there is no better time to immerse yourself  in Yellowstone’s wildlife-rich Northern Range, Lamar Valley, and Hayden Valley. The grass is greening up, the animals are moving back into their summering grounds, and the landscape is alive with new growth!  Deep winter snow has melted away in the low elevation valley floors bringing in it’s place an inviting abundance of delicious and nutritious food.  Motivated by the bounty of new vegetation, our vast herds of bison, elk, pronghorn, and deer are moving in to replenish their winter depleted reserves.  Wolves are just beginning to share the wonders of the landscape with the newest pack members (just a few weeks old!), bears of all ages have fully emerged from hibernation and are anxious to fill long-empty stomachs with tender, nutritious roots, tubers, grasses, and protein, and after the long flight back from winter migrations south, 100’s of species of birds have returned with a chorus of spring song.  It is the time of new life in Yellowstone and our guides can’t wait to share the magic with you!

The Spring into Summer: Animal Babies package includes all in-park transportation 5 nights lodging in a family operated motel-style lodge, dinners in our finest locally owned café’s, breakfasts and lunches enjoyed picnic style in a picturesque location in the field, the highest quality optics (spotting scopes & binoculars), and a maximum group size of 10.  Over the course of this package, we’ll spend 4 days exploring the wonders of birth as a new season unfolds and the next generation of Yellowstone’s fabled animals begins learning the triumphs and trials of survival in their wild homes.

Every day provides exciting possibilities to see newly expanded wolf packs with curious and clumsy weeks old puppies, bison herds nurturing their red-hued and playful just-dropped calves, elk cows moving away from the herds to deliver their gangly, spotted little ones, black and grizzly bears showing the ropes to their itty-bitty cubs, and so much more!

Your experience will be highly educational, as we highlight the complex interconnectedness of an intact ecosystem, the monumental reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone and the incredibly rich world of wolf social behaviors, specialized hunting strategies and their ecological impacts on the other animals of Yellowstone and the landscape itself. We will explore how predators and their relationship to their prey and the land we all share, have captured the human imagination for centuries, and over time have characterized the wolf, bear, and bison as the ultimate icons of Wilderness and conservation success.

This all-inclusive tour package is the ultimate way to experience the wild wonders of rebirth in Yellowstone National Park, while treating yourself to the coziest family-owned accommodations, breakfasts and lunches prepared by a local vendor, comfortable transportation, and the best optics available.

Tour includes:

  • Five-night’s stay in historic Gardiner, MT, at North Entrance of Yellowstone National Park
  • All in-park transportation in our fully-equipped Ford Transit touring vehicles (we drive, you enjoy the scenery)
  • Three full days (8-10 hours) observing and learning about Yellowstone’s wildlife on the Northern Range (including the wildlife-rich Lamar Valley) and Hayden Valley
  • One full day spent exploring the geologic wonders (Grand Canyon, Norris Geyser Basin, and Mammoth Hot Springs) that have laid the ecological foundation for our native fauna
  • Local Certified Interpretive Naturalist Guide/Outdoor Educator
  • All meals beginning with dinner on Day 1 and ending with breakfast on Day 6:  Dinners at local eateries in Gardiner, Breakfasts and lunches enjoyed picnic-style in the field
  • Supplemental materials provided by your Naturalist Guide to maximize educational/learning opportunities 
  • Detailed and interactive facilitated discussions related to Yellowstone’s in-depth conservation, park, and Native American past, present, and future
  • Optics for everyone to maximize wildlife viewing: top-of-the-line binoculars and high-powered spotting scopes
  • Thumb drive with photo compilation of tour highlights put together by your Naturalist Guide
  • Reusable water bottle

Further Information:

Winter Magic with Yellowstone Wild

If you want to see Yellowstone in the winter but don’t want the stress of driving in icy conditions, want to maximize your wildlife viewing opportunities & enjoy good food & cosy accommodation this is definitely the tour for you! Having previously enjoyed 2 wildlife watching day tours with Emil in September, and not having seen Yellowstone in the winter, I had no qualms about traveling from Scotland in December for this fantastic Yellowstone Wild multi-day tour with pick up from Bozeman. We ended up a small group of just 4, with great viewing of multiple wolves, bison, bighorn sheep, moose & the cutest mountain goat. I highly recommend this tour company & hope to return for more adventures in the future.

– Voodoo_Scot

My friend Michelle and I had 4 wonderful days with Ryan in early March. We were able to see wolves the first 2 days then they were elusive but Ryan guided us to see many other airings of wildlife and special Yellowstone phenomenon and wonders. He knows his natural history! We loved our lodge at the end of the day also, it was overall the perfect combo of everything we’d hoped for!

– Anne M., TripAdvisor
The best way to see wildlife in Yellowstone

If you are planning a trip to Yellowstone, my wife and I highly recommend that you book a wildlife tour. We have been to Yellowstone several times and driven around seeing the wildlife from the road and stopping when we see a crowd around a group of spotting scopes - that'll work, but if you REALLY want to see some wildlife, you can't do any better than to book a day with Emil. It's well worth the cost of the tour and you won't believe the animals you'll see and the education you receive. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those folks who want to maximize their wildlife viewing!

– RidingFool
Unbelievable Experience

We took the all-inclusive Wolf multi-day tour. Our guide was Josh, who is totally Awesome! Josh didn’t make any promises about seeing Wolves, but boy, did we SEE WOLVES!! Josh knew exactly what time we should get on the road in the morning. He was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of our nonstop questions. We saw the Wapiti Pack on our first morning! They had taken down a bull Elk about 150 yards from the road!! Our cameras couldn’t capture the action, but Josh had hi tech equipment which made it feel like the wolves were right in front of us! He also took pictures, capturing the scene for us. A little later we saw the Junction Butte Pack!! Josh is an expert wildlife spotter. He knew where to look and could spot wildlife when no one else could see it! We also saw Moose, Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Coyotes, LOTS of Bison, Eagles, Ravens, and Magpies. Our second morning we saw the Wapiti pack AGAIN... AND.... the Junction Butte Pack AGAIN! We stayed at the Wonderland Lodge and it was AMAZING! Charming and Comfy and the Wonderful Cafe is first rate, five stars! If you’ve ever wanted to see Yellowstone, this is the way to go.

– Deb, TripAdvisor