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Experience the majesty of Yellowstone National Park’s wildlife on our year-round guided tours, led by local wildlife biologist, tracker, and educational guide Emil McCain. With 20 years of experience in wildlife biology and guiding, we specialize in educational wildlife watching, day hikes, multi-day backpacking excursions, and wolf and cougar tracking during the winter. We also offer specialized family-oriented tours for your young adventurers. We tailor each trip to your interests, always welcoming the special surprises that Yellowstone bestows upon us on each tour.

We also offer completely customizable Yellowstone trips (give us a call to start planning) or Summer combination packages if you’re looking for something more! Come explore the Yellowstone wilderness with us!

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  • Chevron down Breakfast and Brunch
  • We pride ourselves on offering a little indulgence while visiting Yellowstone. We provide gourmet coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and chai, as well as a large assortment of hearty breakfast foods. Most of our food is organic, and we can prepare vegan and gluten-free options if specified ahead of time. Both our sunrise coffee break and our Yellowstone wild brunch are served out in the park in locations where we can enjoy grand vistas and potentially also view wildlife activity.

    It is not uncommon to be interrupted as a you sip your coffee to photograph a bald eagle perching overhead or a moose wandering by. Breakfast with bison and coyotes with your coffee? That’s the way we like it! We particularly recommend you have your camera ready during our sunrise coffee stop to capture the wisps of crimson clouds as the first rays peak over the distant Beartooth Mountains and splash the snow-capped Antler and Quadrant Peaks of the Gallatin Range with a rosy alpenglow.

  • Chevron down Photo-Video Package
  • We provide an exclusive and unmatched custom photo/video package of your day in Yellowstone with us. This is an extra, optional visual record of what you saw on tour that you can purchase at the end of our day in the park together. Your guide discretely records the highlights of your adventure, including the stunning scenery, your group experiencing memorable moments and settings, and of course quality images of the wildlife you observe. At the end of your tour, we provide you with the option of having us prepare, on the spot, a USB stick with your Yellowstone Wild experience.

  • Chevron down Let's Start Planning
  • Please let us know where you are staying during your visit to Yellowstone. Since we are based out of Gardiner, we meet clients who stay in and around Gardiner in the parking lot in front of the Chamber of Commerce. If you are staying inside the park, we can arrange to meet at one of several strategic locations within the park. If do not have accommodations already arranged, we may be able to arrange a special stay overlooking the Yellowstone River on the edge of Gardiner at the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park. If you are not staying in Gardiner, we need to arrange an appropriate meeting location and time to facilitate the best wildlife viewing opportunities.

    Please let us know what your main interests are and what about Yellowstone captures your attention and curiosity. We would like to know just a little bit about you so that we can better plan and craft your tour specifically for you and your family.  Additionally, if anyone in your family has any food allergies or medical conditions that we should know about, please give us ample time to prepare for those circumstances.

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