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Yellowstone Family Wildlife Tour

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Fun and Educational Yellowstone National Park Tours for Families

We love guiding families through the magic of Yellowstone. Children have a natural fascination with the natural world, and we passionately explore the wonders of Yellowstone with them. Our family tours are fun and educational for children and adults alike, showcasing the park’s wildlife and baby animals in the summer!

We walk through visual examples of how animals live in this beautiful landscape and what their relationships are like with the other animals and plants around them. Exploring a stream bank, we might find bird nests, animal tracks, or even see where a beaver has been working.

A short nature walk may lead us to the secret places where different animals choose to live and raise their babies, and we stop to talk about why certain animals might live in one place over another. The baby animals of Yellowstone are especially appealing to youngsters, and the mountain valleys of Yellowstone hold an abundance of babies of all shapes and sizes to enjoy.

The Family Tour is similar to our popular Bear and Wolf Watching Tour, differing only by focusing on engaging kids of all ages in exploring the wonders and beauty of Nature.

Family Wildlife Tour Highlights

  • Experience the magic of Yellowstone’s natural wonders
  • Private tour- just your family
  • Your own local wildlife guide
  • Fully customizable tour 
  • Child-friendly and child-focused
  • Away from the crowds and into the wild
  • Breakfast and lunch – picnic style 
  • Optics for EVERYONE 
  • Safe, fun and educational

For more information please visit our FAQ page!

Simply Wonderful! Guided Wildlife watching

My family just returned from a guided wildlife watching tour with Emil from Yellowstone Wild. He was just beyond wonderful with our 2 small children and incredibly accommodating. He helped cultivate family memories that I will treasure forever. The beauty of Yellowstone was magnified by his intimate connection with this national park. We will definitely be back with Emil in the future and I highly recommend his expertise. Thank you Emil!!!!!! Show less Date of exerience: September 2018 anonymousmotherofthr Washington DC, District of Columbia

– TripAdvisor
Fabulous Tour with Evan!

My husband booked a full day tour with this two-man company and we were very impressed. By around 7am, we had already seen a grizzly! Evan, our guide, drove our family of five (including three boys under 12) around the park for 7-8 hours in his extra large passenger van. He had a bunch of high powered scopes and he was a master at knowing where to look for wildlife. We saw the bear, a few wolves, lots of bison, pronghorn, osprey, swans, pelicans, bald eagles, a badger and other animals. It helps that he is friends with other guides in the park, and they all help each other out over the radio. We went up into the mountains and it was beautiful. Evan, who sells his photos in his spare time, took a lot of photos from the scopes (one of which he attached to his cell phone camera), and the children got to snap photos of what they saw through the camera phone/scope. That was fun for them! He air-dropped us the photos he and we took so that was special - his shots were very artistic. He also took us on a scenic walk and skipped rocks with our boys in a river. He tried to teach our boys the importance of respecting the park - not picking plants, leaving no trash behind, proper etiquette when fisherman were near... Evan was extremely knowledgeable. He has multiple degrees, including one in wildlife management or conservation (I believe) from the University of Maine, where he is from, originally. The guy reads journal articles at night about wolves, bison, and wildlife management. I had lots of questions and he answered all of them intelligently and patiently. We learned a lot about the park and its management, including fire management. Evan also provided snacks, and lunch - which included a red checked table cloth, tasty sandwiches by a local outfitter, chips, dips, fruit and kid snacks, as well as a freshly baked huckleberry scones, hot chocolate and coffee. It's worth spending money on getting a guide, and you probably can't get better than Evan. You will see amazing wildlife, and learn a ton. Show less Date of experience: August 2018 melf85

– TripAdvisor
Best day ever in yellowstone!

What an amazing day we had!!! We are 2 families of 5 travelling together with children aged 6-12 - Evan from yellowstone Wild was incredible! Evan kept everyone, including all the children, completely engaged for the entire day - we were astounded at his level of knowledge and found all the information so interesting - he was even able to answer weird children questions!!! We had an amazing day wildlife viewing and saw 2 different wolf packs and watched them for such a long time observing their behaviours as Evan explained who was who in their packs and their different behaviours. Everyone also loved seeing the grizzily on a carcass and then another very hungry one running in and chasing the other one away! The spotting scopes were incredible and we had enough that everyone could view the animals through them. Especially awesome was the digi-scope which enabled our kids to see through Evans phone if they were having a hard time seeing through the spotting scopes - plus, we were able to take photos as well!!! Food was delicious with the best scones for breakfast and a delicious lunch. Thanks Evan, for showing us ‘wild’ yellowstone and all the information you shared with us! We especially loved seeing the Great Grey Owl!!! Show less Date of experience: August 2018 Sebastian D

– TripAdvisor
You won't find any better

We are a family with kids (12&9) from Germany and had a private tour with EMIL. Emil has profound knowledge about the wildlife in the park and was an amazing guide during the day. We booked this tour because of the way he described the family tours on his website ("We love guiding families in Yellowstone. Children have a natural fascination with the natural world, and we passionately explore the wonders of Yellowstone with them"). And we were not disappointed: every word is true. Emil is so passionate about explaining and exploring with the kids and had an excellent feel for their needs. He was able to keep them interested during the whole long day even if both of them speak only very little English. My daughter (9yrs old) has not lived a single day since without taking about Emil and that day with him. She was such impressed that she even named a small stuffed animal toy wolf after him when she bought it shortly after our tour. It was simply unforgettable. We saw a Grizzly, wolves, bald eagles, Hawks, pronghorns, mountain goats and a lot more. High level spotting Scopes and binoculars made it easy to watch the wildlife from safe distances. Later in the day when animals were harder to find Emil explained a lot about biology and the interrelation of animals and plants etc. and geology of the park and kept us all interested. He truly is a good teacher for both kids and adults. Although we did not see coyotes or black bears Emil gave us useful recommendations where these animals usually are and thanks to that we we're lucky enough to see both animals later during our trip to Yellowstone and the Grand Teton NP. Should we ever come back to Yellowstone (I am almost sure as we haven't seen many places in the world that offer similar beauty) Emil and his team are the no1 choice for another day in Yellowstone. If you have the chance to book a tour with him or his employee Evan go for it!!! Show less Date of experience: August 2018 Andy W

– TripAdvisor
Fascinating day in the wilds of Yellowstone

We had 7 family members traveling together and enjoy a day tour in early June. The oldest is 68 and the youngest is 7. Our tour guide was engaging and created a great atmosphere for questions and answers. We especially enjoyed how he interacted with our 10 year who did her homework and proceeded to bombard him with questions. He acknowledged her input and graciously compared what she knew with how life was in Yellowstone. He even kept the interest of our teenager. We did start very early to beat the crowds and then finished mid afternoon. Also don't forget to ask for the huckleberry scones and enjoy the picnic lunch. I actually wish I had booked 2 days instead of just one. Show less Date of experience: June 2018 pboegh

– TripAdvisor
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